When Hyperbole Bites Back

Well, that didn’t take very long.

We were perplexed with the needless hyperbole of Dell’s CFO Brian Gladden when he commented last week that Dell was “kicking out” Blackberry in favor of Dell’s own Venue Pro smartphone running Windows Phone 7.

A simple announcement indicating the replacement would have been entirely appropriate.  However, the “kicking out” comment was unnecessary.  Those are the kind of comments that come back to “bite” the speaker.

An article published by Infoworld today underlines this point.  According to that note, Windows Phone 7 doesn’t support device encryption.  This means that Dell may not be able to use its own Venue Pro devices with its Exchange Server corporate email system, …..unless, of course, Dell decides that sending unencrypted corporate email around the world is acceptable.

…..We don’t think it will be acceptable either.

In addition, the new Windows Phone 7 OS only supports DHCP, so if the corporate network is set up for static IP (like many corporate networks), then the device won’t be able to connect to the corporate network via wifi.

Therefore, what can a startup learn from this episode.

Marketing announcements are expected.  Hyperbole can come back and bite you.

About Richard Piotrowski, CFA

Richard Piotrowski, CFA, is a formerly a #1 ranked securities analyst, who has 20 years of experience building, dissecting, and fine tuning presentations, business models and valuation models of all kinds. The experience has been gained working in the investment community on both sides of "Wall Street", on "Bay Street" (Canada), as well as on "Main St." as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, as well as Evangelist and Marketing Director, where he focused on building messaging for solution sales opportunities based on value positioning, high ROI and fast payback. Richard joined Canada’s investment banking community in the early 1990s as an analyst following technology companies. He was recognized within two years by the Street, and was ranked "First" for Quality of Research in the survey of institutional investors conducted by an independent advisory firm – Brendon Woods. Richard was also the founding member of the internet technology research practice at two boutique investment banks.
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