Being A Purpose Maximizer, Not Just a Profit Maximzer

I first saw this video about a month ago.

The moral of the story here is that organizations need to treat people like people, not just horses.  The best organizations are those that have a transcendent purpose, and provide their staff with opportunities that are challenging, that they can master, and allow them to make a contribution.

What is the transcendent purpose of your organization?  How do you make your organization a purpose maximizer rather than a profit maximizer?

Austin is home to several large companies that have lost their way a long time ago.   These are not the companies that will help to bring the economy out of recession.  It will be the smaller startups that have a transcendent purpose.

About Richard Piotrowski, CFA

Richard Piotrowski, CFA, is a formerly a #1 ranked securities analyst, who has 20 years of experience building, dissecting, and fine tuning presentations, business models and valuation models of all kinds. The experience has been gained working in the investment community on both sides of "Wall Street", on "Bay Street" (Canada), as well as on "Main St." as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, as well as Evangelist and Marketing Director, where he focused on building messaging for solution sales opportunities based on value positioning, high ROI and fast payback. Richard joined Canada’s investment banking community in the early 1990s as an analyst following technology companies. He was recognized within two years by the Street, and was ranked "First" for Quality of Research in the survey of institutional investors conducted by an independent advisory firm – Brendon Woods. Richard was also the founding member of the internet technology research practice at two boutique investment banks.
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